These 3 Videos Will Make You More Mindful

I have dabbled with meditation for years, but I never had enough time to make it regular. Until recently, that is. This summer, I started my own daily mindfulness meditation practice, and I wanted to share three videos that provided some of my inspiration!

Once firmly in the realm of Buddhist traditions and, later, Clinical Psychology, the practice of Mindfulness is now becoming more and more commonplace. You’ve probably heard about it, maybe even tried it out yourself. But in the busy, day-to-day reality of modern life, there’s always a good excuse to do something else. Is it really possible to find the time to practice mindfulness meaningfully?

Not only is it possible, it’s needed more than ever.

Research shows that Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy has a significant positive impact on depression, stress, anxiety, and can improve physical functioning and overall quality of life. Mindfulness therapy’s ability to reduce stress, a risk factor for mental and physical illness, has led it to become a form of adjunct treatment for people who are chronically ill, and a preventative measure in work places, pregnancy, and even in prisons. (Reference:

Young woman holds head, looks stressed.

​Look familiar? Often find yourself stressed at work or at home? Try to spend time practicing mindfulness techniques to help you focus and re-channel energy when the going gets tough. 

So – how can you become more “mindful”, more often? These three illuminating TED Talk’s have great, unique perspectives for how to become more mindful and how this can help us break bad habits, become less distracted, and be more happy. I know you’ll love them too!
​Psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies the relationship between addiction and mindfulness. In his TED Talk, Brewer discusses real cases where patients who focused clearly on their addictive actions became more acutely aware of their negative impacts. The “spell” of their addiction was broken! If you struggle to make healthy choices in your life, whether it’s quitting smoking, or eating too many potato chips, check out this video and learn how it is possible to change your habits with focus and mindfulness.
​When did you last take time to do absolutely nothing at all? When we don’t let our mind focus on the present moment we risk increased stress, miss out on things that are important to us, and, according to research, risk being unhappy for nearly half of our waking time. Andy Puddicombe’s engaging TED Talk offers a gateway to meditation and mindfulness that is accessible for everyone (plus, he juggles to illustrate his point – and how can you not love that?).
​Brother David Steindl-Rast talks about the importance of slowing down and appreciating the countless opportunities (small and big) that life provides for gratitude. Steindl-Rast reminds us that people who seem to have everything aren’t always happy, and that it is the people who are grateful for what they do have that experience the happiness that comes from their appreciation. Even when life presents challenges, we can remain in tune with the moments of joy that move us through life.

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